How to use FPS


How to use FPS

Benefit of FPS



Instead of inputting the account number, you only have to enter mobile number or email address of the recipient.


When you are making payment using recipient’s mobile number or email address, you will see the automatic display of the masked name linked to that mobile number or email address before you confirm the payment. This gives you confidence your money is going to the right place.


Payment can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime, anywhere.


Funds reach recipients almost immediately.

Full Connectivity

You can make payments to different banks and SVFs.

How do I send money via FPS?


Process may vary depending on your service provider.



If the payee has not registered the mobile number or the email address with the FPS, the payer may enter the account number of payee to send payments.


The payee will receive funds immediately if his/her bank/SVF supports FPS real time payments, or otherwise the payee will receive the funds by the next day the latest.

How do I receive money via FPS?


Check if your bank/SVF supports real-time payments via the FPS


Complete a one-off registration with your bank/SVF to link up the mobile number or the email address with an account. Learn more


Simply provide your mobile phone number or email address to the payer to send funds to you


Provide your full name and account number to the payer if you have yet to register your mobile number or email address



Registration of mobile number/email address

Link up your mobile number and/or email address to an account by registering with the financial institution using online application and through other interactive service. 

You may link your mobile number/email address with one or more banks/SVFs.

  • Within each bank/SVF, select only one account to receive payments
  • If you register with more than one bank/SVF, you must decide which one is the default account to receive fund.


How do I register?

The registration process may vary depending on your bank/SVF.


  1. Login to your online or mobile app of banks/SVFs
  2. Select the account and enter the mobile number and/or email address to associate the account with.
  3. Check box if account is to be set as default account
  4. Verification if you are the genuine holder of the mobile number/email address e.g. SMS One-Time-Password
  5. Notification on result of registration.


No personal data of yours will be collected by visiting the Faster Payment System webpage.  If you have any queries related to personal data privacy and privacy policy for FPS services provided by banks or Stored Value Facilities, please contact your respective banks or Stored Value Facilities. 

Direct Debit


Direct Debit is an instruction to withdraw funds from an account directly.  Proper authorisation must be established prior to the execution of a direct debit payment.


It helps make the settlement of bills easier and simpler by automating regular transfer of funds from customer account to merchant account, such as utility bills.


Also, it can be used to link up customer account for online shopping or e-wallet top-up transaction by real-time direct debit.


Direct debit mandates can be created in several ways; paper-based forms which require a signature, using online application form and through other interactive service.


QR code payment


How to receive payments using a QR code:


  1. Check if your bank/SVF supports FPS QR code payment
  2. Generate an FPS QR code from the app
  3. Provide it to payer for scanning
  4. Payer to scan
  5. Details shown automatically to payer for checking
  6. Payer input the amount and pay

Consumers can scan the FPS QR code provided by the payee, which may be displayed on a mobile device, a bill or a checkout screen.


Consumers should always check the payment details shown, including the name of the payee and the amount to be paid, before confirming the payment.